LEGACY WAY - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will Legacy Way be located?

A: Legacy Way is located north of the Javits Center, denoted on the map, below with a blue circle.

Q: Where is my brick?

A: Use our brick locator map to find your brick on Legacy Way.


A: New bricks will be added each spring prior to commencement. To have your brick included for the spring installation, the deadline to submit your order is February 18th.

Q: Who can purchase a brick?

A: Any current students, alumni, faculty, staff, or friends of Stony Brook University.

Q: What is the size and price of a brick?

A: Bricks are 8” x 8” and are $150.00 each.

Q: Is my brick purchase tax deductible?

A: The donation amount for each brick is fully tax deductible and will be acknowledged with a gift receipt.

Q: I want to buy multiple bricks. Do I have to submit an online order form for each brick on your website?

A: Yes. The webpage is designed to ensure the accuracy of each brick’s inscription. Thus, the webpage only allows for one brick transaction at a time.

Q: Will the inscription be included in the confirmation email for my order?

A: No. We do not currently include the individualized inscriptions in the confirmation email. By pressing submit, you are confirming that you have reviewed and approve the inscription you have written on the page.

Q: What can be inscribed on the bricks?

A: Legacy Way is a means of commemorating your experience and association with Stony Brook University. Inscriptions shall not include commercial messages or company names. Discriminatory or inappropriate messages that refer to an individual’s or group’s sex, race, color, religious creed, national origin, age, or physical disability shall not be permitted. Stony Brook University reserves the right to deny any brick inscription deemed to be inappropriate. If revisions are requested, we will follow up with you individually.

For more information or any other questions regarding Legacy Way, e-mail donor_relations@stonybrook.edu, or call 631-632-4063.
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