School of Dental Medicine Alumni Mentoring Program

Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine alumni have served as mentors to dental students throughout the years. It is the goal of the Alumni Chapter and the Office of Strategic Planning and External Affairs to introduce a formal mentoring program in the Fall of 2012. This program will connect our students with specially-selected alumni mentors allowing our students to learn first-hand about different career paths, leadership skills, styles and strategies. Mentors and students will be matched based on personal and professional interests.

Goals for the mentoring program:  Mentoring is an important component in leadership development, as it bolsters communication skills and encourages self reflection. It is an empowering experience for both parties, as the mentor gains satisfaction in helping a future dentist discover his/her own way in our profession; while the mentee learns valuable life lessons that will help him/her chart a future path.

The main goal is to create relationships that encourage personal leadership development, which encourages a strong sense of self, vision for the future, cultural sensitivity and awareness, a determination to make the world a better place. These values reflect the core of what our profession hopes to offer our students and the Office of Strategic Planning and External Affairs will work with both mentors and mentees to achieve this mission.

Dental students need guidance on interpersonal relations, residencies, specialty programs, graduate schools and other educational issues, as well as career planning. Mentors can help by discussing various opportunities, guiding in residency/specialty program/graduate school and job searches while widening the student’s personal and professional network.

Expectations and Best Practices:  Every relationship will be different, but at the core of every successful partnership is the understanding that mentoring is a two-way street. Both parties need to make a real commitment to the relationship and afford it appropriate priority and time.

Participant expectations:
- Commitment to at least four meeting per academic year: face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and/or video chats
- Complete an assessment of the experience so that we can continually make improvements to this pilot program

The Office of Strategic Planning and External Affairs will offer:
- Matching of student mentees and alumni mentors
- Staff to help the participants get the most out of their relationship
- A reception for all mentor/mentee pairs to gather at the end of the academic year

Application Process:  Applications will be accepted online in the Summer of 2011, with pairings completed for the Fall of 2011. Click on the Student or Alumni Mentoring Forms below to enroll in this new program.

Click here for the Alumni Form.
Click here for the Student Form.