Serve on the Alumni Board or a Committee

The Stony Brook Alumni Association is governed by a 27 member volunteer board. The Alumni Board, supported by the Office of Alumni Relations, plans and organizes alumni programs and services, serves on University appointed committees, and establishes and maintains fiscal policies and procedures for the Association, while working to build support for its alma mater.

Mission Statement

Stony Brook University alumni are a proud and engaged community that serves and supports the University, celebrates the achievements of students, faculty, and fellow alumni, and works tirelessly to ensure that Stony Brook University stands with the finest universities in the world.

Interested in serving on the Board? Contact the Alumni Office at 1-877-SEA-WOLF or

Alumni Board of Directors

Volunteer Committees

"The friendships and connections I've made while volunteering on the Alumni Board have added a valuable dimension to my life. It's also been fun to witness the new developments on campus and interact with younger generations of Stony Brook students."  - Ahmed Belazi '06.

Find out first hand just how rewarding it can be to serve as a volunteer on the Stony Brook Alumni Association Board or a Committee. Your experience with the Alumni Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, lets you hone skills transferable to your profession and volunteer opportunities elsewhere.

Don't live near campus? No problem. Many of our volunteers live across the country and around the world. Unless otherwise noted, committee membership is open to all alumni, as well as interested University faculty, staff, and students, pending approval by the Alumni Association President.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other volunteer opportunities, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 1-877-SEA-WOLF.


Responsible for advocating on behalf of Stony Brook University before elected officials and other policy makers at the federal, state, and/or local level and serves as the Community Outreach Ambassadors. 

Chair: Robert deBrauwere
Alumni Staff Liaison: Mary Hoffmann 
Additional Staff: 
Committee Membership:  
Board Members: Michelle Stein, Tomasz Bakowski

Ambassadors for Admissions

Recruits and coordinates alumni volunteers and assists University Admissions with recruiting prospective students. 

Chairs: Bedel Saget
Alumni Staff Liaison:
Kristin Matthews and Robert Pertusati
Committee Membership:
Open, appointed by Association President
Board Members:
  Heather Dufficy-Lampone, Nilda E. Rivera, Tracy King-Sanchez, Robert Stafford, Ann Teng, Tomasz Bakowski

Ambassadors for Career Development

Recruits and coordinates alumni volunteers and assists in supporting the Career Center alumni programs.

Chair: Errol Cockfield
Staff Liaison(s): Nikki Barnett
Committee Membership: Open, appointed by Association President
Board Members: Ahmed Belazi, Sabina Sebastian, Tracy King-Sanchez, Bedel Saget, David Sanchez, Michelle Stein and Ann Teng


The Audit Committee ensures that an annual, independent audit of the Association is performed by a qualified independent auditor. 

Chair: Robert Stafford
Staff Liaison:Matthew Colson
Committee Membership: Three (3) Directors only, elected annually in September by the Board
Board Members:  David Molow, Sherry Sussman


Selection of Association-sponsored faculty, student, staff, volunteer award and/or scholarships. (Note: This committee is not responsible for grants and sponsorships.

Chair: Ann Teng
Staff Liaison: Janet Masini
Committee Membership:  Cheryl Chambers, Joan Dickinson, Joanna Durso, Roy Flores, Kimberly Ciacalone, Sandra Harvey, Katherine Hasard, Mary Hoffmann, Anthony LaViscount, Norma Reyes, Gloria Snyder, Kate Valerio
Board Members:  Ahmed Belazi, Anthony Casino and Alphonzo Grant


Responsible for overall strategic planning, Board effectiveness, liaison with staff, coordination and oversight of all committee activities; decision-making in between Board meetings.  

Chair: Carol Gomes, President 
Staff Liaison: Matthew Colson
Committee Membership: Board Officers only
Board Members:  Robert Stafford, Bedel Saget, Ernest Canadeo, Robert deBrauwere and Sherry Sussman


Responsible for the oversight of the Association's budget and finances, including the development of the Association's annual operating budget, grant and sponsorship approvals, as well as oversight/approval of affinity marketing agreements, and resource planning. 

Chair: Ernest Canadeo, Treasurer 
Staff Liaison: Matthew Colson
Committee Membership: Directors only, appointed by the Association President
Board Members:  Alphonzo Grant, Joseph Manopella and Bedel Saget


Responsible for ensuring the Association's governance is both ethical and consistent with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Association's Bylaws and policies, and applicable University policies. 

Chair: Robert Stafford, President-elect
Staff Liaison: Matthew Colson, Director of Alumni Relations
Committee Membership: Directors only, appointed by Association President
Board Members:  Alphonzo Grant


Responsible for increasing visibility and accessibility of the Association, to expose alumni and friends to the happenings and accomplishments of the University, athletics, Faculty, students and fellow alumni. Beyond Faculty/Staff Alumni, this committee will focus on marketing to the community at large (locally and nationally). 

Chair: Sabina Sebastian
Staff Liaison: Janet Masini
Committee Membership:
Board Members
: Ahmed Belazi, Anthony Casino, Rob deBrauwere, Kent Gustavson, David Molow, Navneet Singh and Michelle Stein


Responsible for submitting for Board approval, the names of prospective Directors to fill vacant positions for regular and un-expired terms, as well as nominees for election of the offices of Secretary/Parliamentarian, Treasurer, Vice President, and President-elect. The Nominating Committee shall establish criteria for selecting Board candidates, consistent with the mission of the Association, the Bylaws, and the needs of the Board. 

Chair: Sherry Sussman, Immediate Past President
Staff Liaison: Mary Hoffmann and Matthew Colson
Committee Membership: President, the President-elect, and three (3) or more Directors not set up for re-nomination. The Vice President for Advancement shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Committee. 
Shashi Agarwal, David Molow, Michelle Stein

Student Focused Ad Hoc Committee

To encourage constant engagement of the Stony Brook University Alumni Association with current Stony Brook University students in order to educate and cultivate students of the alumni culture.

Chair: Ahmed Belazi
Staff Liaison: Matthew Colson
Board Members:  Tyesha Arnette (Undergraduate Student Representative), Tomasz Bakowski (Graduate Student Representative), Errol Cockfield, and Navneet Singh 

Signature Event Committees: 


Responsible for alumni outreach, volunteer relations and recruitment; committee also works to increase alumni participation in Homecoming event.

Chairs: Ahmed Belazi
Staff Liaison: Kristin Matthews
Committee Membership:  Nikki Barnett, Stephanie Brumsey, Robert Carley, Raymond & Frances Carr, Heather Dufficy Lampone, Diane Fox, Todd Houslaner, Althea Polard, Chris Tanaka, Christina Vargas, Kimberly Wodiska and Michael Yen
Board of Directors:  Tyesha Arnette, Anthony Casino, Errol Cockfield, Patrick Cunningham, Tracy King-Sanchez, Robert Stafford, Michelle Stein, and Ann Teng


Responsible for alumni outreach, volunteer relations and recruitment, committee also works to increase alumni participation in Association's only fundraising event.

Chair: Guenter Jonke
Staff Liaison(s): Matthew Colson, Kim Parris
Committee Membership:  Abhishek Bikhani, Tom Cassidy, John Cierski, Joe Crook, Robert Cuccaro, Tony Johnson, Scott Middleton, Michael Yen
Board of Directors:  Anthony Casino, Patrick Cunningham and Robert Stafford


Responsible for alumni outreach, volunteer relations and recruitment and works to increase alumni participation at the Reunion.

Co-Chairs:  Phyllis Wilensky Akins, Martin (Marty) Meltz, Phil Mighdoll
Staff Liaison(s): 
Matthew Colson, Kristin Matthews
Committee Membership:  
Edward Abramson '65, Russell Dixon '90, Carol Gomes '90, Kathleen Fitzwilliam '65, Richard Gentile '65, Samuel Horowitz '65, Joseph Marchese '65, Kenneth McMahon '65, Althea Pollard '92, Shari Sacks '90, Eddie Shek '90, Dan Sith '90, and Christina Vargas '90.  

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Responsible for alumni outreach, volunteer relations and recruitment; committee also works to increase alumni participation in event which profiles distinguished alumni.

Chair: Sherry Sussman
Staff Liaisons: Mary Hoffmann
Committee Membership: 
Board of Directors: Michelle Stein