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 Summer 2013 
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Accomplished Alumna Bids Buena Salud

Dr. Jane Delgado Emigrating from pre-Castro Cuba at the age of two, Dr. Jane Delgado (PhD ’81) spoke only Spanish and was placed in a program tailored for her when she started public school in Brooklyn. Now she is the president and chief executive officer of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (NAHH). “… When I started Kindergarten I did not speak much English and … I was placed in the accelerated class for math [but] the slow class for English. By third grade I was in the accelerated class for everything.” Read more.


New Website for Girls in Science Features Materials
Science Alumna

Dr. Chunhua Li

Developed by L’Oréal, For Girls In Science was launched to inspire the next generation of young girls to become interested in and passionate about science and research. Girls between the ages of 13-18 can learn about the women who have made contributions in S.T.E.M., watch inspirational videos of female researchers and scientists, and learn about the many different careers and opportunities available in the S.T.E.M. fields. One of these inspirational videos is of Dr. Li talking about her family, her work and her success as a senior scientist at L’Oréal. See the video at


Meet Alvaro Toleda

Alvaro Toledo

Originally from Madrid, Alvaro got his PhD in Microbiology in 2007 and found his way to Stony Brook in 2008 to study tick-borne diseases. “As a child I used to watch a cartoon called Once Upon a Time … Life and it basically explained how organs and systems worked. The platelets, red blood cells, immune system cells, etc. were the good guys and the viruses and bacteria were the bad guys. I loved that show, and that really triggered my interest in science.” Read More.

Kip Guja: The Making of a 21st Century Physician

Kip GujaIn recent years, there’s been a paradigm shift at medical schools on what constitutes a good doctor. Not only must physicians-in-training have strong diagnostic and scientific skills, but they also need outstanding people skills, compassion, and empathy. Kip Guja, 24, a first-year Stony Brook University School of Medicine student, needs no extra instruction on empathy. His life trajectory has given him plenty of experience in identifying with patients. Read more of the article in this edition of Stony Brook Medicine Today.

New Graduate Student Achievements Book Now OnlineGraduate Student Achievements Book

This year's edition of the Graduate Student Achievements 2011-2012 is now available online. Also new this year is a section at the front of the edition devoted to the individual stories of eight Top Graduate Students. These current or newly graduated students were nominated by their advisors and hand-picked by a select committee to be named as the 'cream of the crop.' These students are: Theresa Hattenrath-Lehmann; Abigail Cahill; Brian Feinstein; Jean Honorio; Hau Chan; Maria Elena D’Amelio; Fernanda Page Poma; and Kip Guja. You can read their profiles here.


The Stony Brook Fund: Helping Great Minds Think Ahead

Thank You Video

Think Ahead. Give Today.


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